Ngoia Pollard Napaltjarri paints her father's country. This country is sacred Warlpiri territory associated with narratives relating to the 'water snake'. The oval shapes in Ngoia's paintings are iconographic representations of the swamps and lakes near Nyirripi (Talarada) North West of Mount Liebig where Ngoia lives. Ngoia depicts the wet and dry characteristics of this country. This region is charged with the spiritual presence of the 'water snake' which lives beneath the surface and Ngoia describes this area as being dangerous. The area is currently unoccupied Warlpiri land. This area, however, is where her father hunted prior to white presence. Ngoia has special custodianship responsibilities for this country and has been flown over this area by helicopter on business with the NT Land Council. Ngoia was born in Haasts Bluff in the late 1940s and attended Papunya School in the 1960s along with Lilly Kelly Napangardi. After attending school Ngoia worked in the mission kitchen before moving with her husband Jack Tjakamara/Tjampitjimpa to Kintore. After five years at Kintore, Ngoia and her husband moved to Mount Liebig – a significant move, since the area was unoccupied at the time. Living in a humpy with her husband and family, they received rations from Papunya on the basis of their status as an outstation. Ngoia remembers that this food supply was supplemented with hunting in the area around Mount Liebig. Ngoia's husband died 16 years ago. This exhibition of works by Ngoia is especially poignant in light of the fact that earlier this year Ngoia suffered the tragic loss of two sons within weeks of each other. Ngoia's family consists of four remaining children, six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Ngoia previously assisted her husband during the time he painted for Papunya Tula Artists and began painting her own work in 1997. This is the first exhibition of Ngoia's painting presented at exhibition, although she has contributed several works over the past years to group shows. Ngoia received First Prize in the Centralian Advocate Art Award 2004. In 2006 Ngoia traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark for a major art exhibition at the Knud Grothe Gallery, were she was artist in residence alongside Lilly Kelly Napangardi. Whilst Ngoia led the traditional dance for the opening night and the Danish people were very taken by Ngoia’s art and cultural offerings, Ngoia found this experience one of the best opportunities she has been part of, despite the extreme cold! Ngoia was selected for the Telstra Awards in both 2005 and 2006. Group Exhibitions Divas of the Desert, Gallery Gondwana 2005 Japingka Art 2005 Fremantle 2005 Tony Bond Gallery Adelaide 2006 Tandanya Colliding worlds Adelaide 2006 Knud Grothe Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark 2006 (artist in residence) Collections Thomas Vroom Collection on loan to Aboriginal Art Museum, Utrecht, NL National Art Gallery of Canberra Art Bank

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