I was born in Cunnamulla, Queensland and this was home for 40 years, with periods of absence for schooling, work, life etc. I left 10 years ago and though I miss that life every day I have no regrets about expanding horizons and reinventing myself a number of times since, in one manifestation as an artist. Artistically - my mother is an artist as is her sister and my father’s sister, my dad is a published writer so there has been a creative influence for me particularly in my early formative years. I won a couple of minor art awards at about age 12, but life took over and painting was relegated to the back of my mind. I have variously been a jackeroo, barman, roustabout, labourer, salesman, model (only once), footballer, station manager, pastoralist, classer, pilot, consultant, business manager, trainer, mentor, share trader, CEO and very proudly a father (5)…….. Art was something I put in the background of my life for many years though I always drew and particularly filled sketchbook after sketchbook with what were, I now recognise as artistic ramblings. I often thought about painting and using painting to express my take on the world and was always stimulated by Picasso and to a lesser degree Matisse. I thought about the work a lot and art books were a part of my early life so I knew little about art or artists but did see the work and was familiar with it as art. On a very hot January Sunday three years ago I decided to get some paint and turn these thoughts into something. The first work was very amateurish but valid enough to encourage me to do some more, the second work, I sold, the third work, I sold, the fourth work (the River Todd Swim Club) I put in the Advocate Art Award and was runner up in the peoples choice section in 2007. I was hooked and took some art classes in 2007 to get some understanding of what was going on. Since then I have sold about thirty works and painted over a hundred canvasses plus many drawings. Unless I am just experimenting with colour or a medium all the work has a meaning to me, I paint solely for personal reasons, as a means of self expression, the work comes from within. I don’t particularly want to or do paint in any genre and it is the adventure of always trying something new that excites me as much as anything. If it doesn’t work I just paint over and try something else so I don’t expect to ever be fabulously technically proficient, but I always strive to make the work evocative.

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