Artist Statement

I do have an underlying desire to paint. There is a particular point when painting - the rest of the world is left behind and time disappears and I have found myself completely involved with the image and the sensation of moving paint upon the surface. Sometimes (not often enough) that sensation is magnificent! So I guess I come from a traditional place to do with painting and a desire in a way to portray this landscape but I do not feel even close to being able to realise the literal power and beauty of it. I do have small sketches from specific places where I have spent some time that do have a cumulative influence within my work. But there are no prep drawings to formulate my paintings. My journey really begins with the open canvas - desiring a relationship to translate patterns, depth and mood. I am not a natural colourist I struggle with the relationship of one pigment to another. I understand the principles of colour but I am drawn to specific colours and a desire to use them! I work mostly with acrylic because it is quite fast in application. I have found mediums that allow you to manipulate the layers. Possibly my lack of discipline is why paintings will be reworked. Energy and mood often transfer to the painted surface. I realised last year the repetitive linear dissection of many of my paintings related to the way I was seeing the landscape - through car windows, house windows - the ever present trunks of beautiful gums vertically dividing my visual space. I think my paintings have always related to where I am - what colours I use, I do like working with transparent colours - glazing one colour over another subtly changing areas. I have lived in Central Australia for most of my adult life and there is something about the landscape that completely hypnotises me and terrifies me in the same breath. It is beautiful, rhythmic, physical and spiritual and I believe would devour me without a thought. When given the opportunity to sit within this landscape it transforms itself before you, it is just quite beautiful.

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